Justus Joshua   Ph.D

Principle Scientist, Conservation Research

Justus J

Justus has been involved in biodiversity conservation and wildlife ecology since 1985. Has worked in both government (Wildlife Institute of India and SACON) and non-government (Gujarat Institute of Desert Ecology, Bhuj and Foundation for Ecological Security, Anand) organizations. His main interests are threatened faunal species viz. Asian Elephants, Grizzled Giant Squirrel, Great Indian Bustard, Asiatic Lions, White-naped Tit, Sloth bear and Leopard. A wholesome biologist with special interests in Plants, Butterflies, Reptiles, Amphibians, Birds and Mammals.


Lima Rosalind, M, Sc.

Principle Scientist, Conservation Education and Interpretation

_MG_9012 (2)Lima has over 30 years of experience in the field of wildife biology,conservation research, environment interpretation and environment education.  Her primary focus has been on the Black necked Crane, Bengal Florican, Bird Ringing , Bird Hazard to Aircrafts , Bird microphotography, Andaman Wild Pig, Tigers and Elephants. Her main interest includes interpretation programs for critical wetlands and forests, conservation education strategy for protected areas, environment education, and education in sustainable development, Outdoor education facilities and nature camping activities. She is an IUCN Member of Commision of Education and Communication and the Pigs and Peccaries Specialist Group.


Wesley Sunderraj   Ph. D

Principle Scientist, Ecological Monitoring

Wesley has over 30 years ofWesley S experience in the field of Wildlife and Habitat Ecology , biodiversity conservation, Restoration of Mining sites, Natural Resource Management & Action Plans and Regional Environmental Planning. Gained parallel experience of 17 years in the field of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP) include: Oil & Gas Pipelines, Roads -Highways, Mining & Cement Plants, Isolated storage terminals, and Salt works etc in different states of the country. Active involvement in Sea turtles research and conservation and a member of IUCN/SSC Sea Turtle Specialist Group


Somasundaram Ph.D

Scientist, Conservation Research

Soma S
Somasundaram has more than 15 years experience in biodiversity conservation. His areas of specialisation includes endemic and endangered species ecology and their conservation, climate change and its impact on species and ecosystem, wetland birds, grassland ecosystem and dynamics, carbon sequestration, EIA and EMP for Developmental Projects.   The ecology of endemic and globally endangered Nilgiri Wood Pigeon in the Western Ghats is an area of special interest for him. He is a resource person in DST sponsored workshops and served as an adjunct faculty in KSKV Kachchh Univerity, Gujarat for MSc environmental science teaching for two years and served as a research guide in various universities for masters and MPhil students.


Himani Kala Ph.D

Scientist, Conservation Research

 Himani KHimani has over 13 years of experience in wildlife and conservation research.   Her areas of interest are Threatened species and habitat conservation and management and have experience in working on White-naped Tit, Great Indian Bustard, Green Munia and Grey Jungle Fowl. Hr interest includes ecological planning, natural resource management and development and environment and conservation awareness and Education. She is a member of Indian Bird Conservation Network (IBCN).