At Green Future Foundation, we are environmental specialists working to protect and enhance India’s environment and natural resources. The innumerable projects of bio-diversity and environmental conservation we have undertaken are based on Action Research as opposed to the theoretical aspects, ensuring ecological and social sustainability.

Our projects encompass the full spectrum of environmental projects, including Environment, Conservation, and Sustainability – from assessment to monitoring, from analysis and strategy to execution, from interpretation to education, inspiring managers,  companies and local communities to care for the environment.

 Saras Cranes1We comprise a highly experienced team with in-depth knowledge and ground-level experience. We have a collective experience of 90 years, undertaking environmental impact assessment, environmental management, audit and due diligence, strategic environmental assessment, protection and enhancement of flora, fauna, habitats and natural resources to companies and Government clients in addition to environmental planning, biodiversity conservation and regulatory compliance.

Strengthened by the presence of corporate-legal expertise within our team, our understanding of how the three worlds interact – The Public, The Government and The Corporate World – makes us ideal partners for corporations and institutions in implementing their social responsibility efforts. We form the bridge between environmental conservation, Government regulations and corporate business actions and social responsibility efforts.



Our environmental expertise extends to conservation across diverse Indian landscapes and bio-geographies from the mangrove swamps to the arid deserts, from the Himalayan mountains to the Western Ghats. We are considered world experts on the Bengal Florican, the Andaman Wild Pig, the Sea Turtle, The Nilgiri Langur, The Grizzled Giant Squirrel and more. We carry expert knowledge of a diverse range of species in addition to the above, including the Lesser Florican, the Black Neck Crane, the Great Indian Bustard, butterflies in the Nilgiris, in addition to elephants across the Indian stretch, tigers and the Asiatic lions, among others.

As part of our view that environmental conservation is an Action Research , we deliver interpretations’ of cultural and natural history sites – a tree, a landscape, an area – for visitors. Interpretation is the science of telling the story in an interesting form through various mediums, leading to greater interest and long-term involvement from the audience.



Our sustainability services enable clients to incorporate ecological and social sustainability into their corporate objectives. Our methodical approach in environmental consulting based on actionable scientific principles helps our clients achieve sustainability plans within their corporate social responsibility framework and gain lasting benefits in the form of goodwill from customers, employees and local communities.